Monday, August 5, 2013


Today's French slash European experience involved the magical world of sausages. Just to be clear, I have currently been bouncing between two families, one near Nancy and one near Metz. Not wanting to offend these ever-welcoming people, I have a bit of a hang-up about sausages. And let's just put it out there right now, in my opinion there is no way to talk about sausages without sounding dirty. Coming from a half-Polish background, the one thing I have really developed from my culture is a love of kielbasa. However, via one of those completely nonsensical childhood notions, I pretty much don't eat any other sausage-esque foodstuffs, including hot dogs. They are weird and gross and I have no need for them. Period. But in a land of adventure and under the care of gracious hospitality, you take the sausage and you go for it... That being said, I now digress to the naughty innuendo... Eating sausage other than kielbasa is like having sex with one man while still being in love with another... The motions are the same and on the surface things seem great, but the taste will never compare, and the whole time you're thinking of kielbasa to make up for the prevalent discomfort. Consider kielbasa during your next rendezvous ; )

Despite this all, I looked around after dinner and thought to myself, "OMG you did it. You are sitting at a table in a beautiful home in France listening to a native family conjure their French language. Not only that, but what the eff?! You LIVE here now!!!... I really can have whatever I want when the focus is that crystalline... Learn it, Live it, Love it.

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  1. So proud!!

    (Even though we all know kielbasa is #1 in our hearts)