Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Bientôt, America!

Tonight I embark on my much anticipated grand adventure... I look back on the past two years and realize the changes and evolutions I have made. When I went to Paris the first time, I was embittered by a soul-sucking job, creative doldrums, broken heart, and an ample loathing of New York City. This time I leave less embittered, and much more bitter-sweet. I give hugs to family and friends who I will sincerely miss, tears streaming down my face as my two-year-old nephew kisses Auntie goodbye, and a City that I have come to appreciate much more than ever before after a decade of angsty inhabitance. It is a far more contented feeling to know that while I am jumping into a land of unknown possibility, loving friends and some familiarity in a foreign land, there is a vibrant network of support and experience continuing to weave my past into my future, even from afar...

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