Thursday, August 8, 2013

Phones and Freehold

FINALLY, a new phone... And I did it in French! Ok fine, I STARTED in French and then was told I could speak in English, but the attempt was there, my friends... The attempt was there (emphasis)... Having spent too much money and too much time, the bottom line reality is that once I get an idea into my head, I really can't help but fixate on it until accomplished, got, bought, done, or whatever else to it that is necessary. And now that said phone is in said hand, I feel a gentle serenity and lack of extreme need to use it all the time... Is this how addicts feel after jonesing so intensely? Or is it just the peaceful contentment that befits a prize happily won? I choose the latter, though without the delusion that addiction has not left it's very Dark Mark (Harry Potter, yes!)...

Needless to say, this has been a surprisingly tumultuous week... What with some nannying drama, surging emotions from the effects of such an epic transition, jet lag finally waning, potentially too much wine/champagne every night, and the craziness that is my ever-passionate soul, I have been boomeranging with the best of them... But while French culture finds it's way into my daily life, I can't help thinking of James Bond's family home on the Scottish moors when relishing (and yes, bragging too) in the house I am currently staying in...

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  1. If I did not like you so much, I would have to hate you. That looks lovely!