Sunday, June 30, 2013


Imagination molds a world of rapture or despair,
Harmonic notes of dissidence erupting in the air.

A day that's filled with optimism bursting through your pores,
A Golden-tinted merriment that tingles to the core.

To dream of possibility that others often miss,
Ethereal enlightenment that captures utter bliss.

But other days a terror that will overcome in pain,
A negative anomaly to paralyze insane.

A counterbalance causing truly devastating thought,
Self-sabotaging ruin of the dreams illusion sought.

To idly be contented on the common walk of life,
Escapes the highs and lows of such a visionary flight.

But incandescent sparks of what imagination births,
Creates sublime existence quite unparalleled in worth.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


A penny farthing winding round the two-toned cobblestones,
A pocket watch tick tocks in his lapel.
The days of printing presses and the wall crank telephone,
Are now only a story that we tell.

The sound of music boxes lilting through an open door,
a gramophone accompanies a waltz.
The tinkering of typewriters goes on and off in time.
A small mistake provides a crashing halt.

Above we hear a zeppelin, our fortune to behold,
A steamboat bringing passengers ashore.
A flying machine filled with all the hopes of what's to come,
Contraptions, gizmos, gadgets and much more.

The simply made assembly line, step one, step two, step three,
The cotton gin providing auto-ease.
A revolution of machines is calling out to say,
Daguerreotypes take my picture please.

The weirdest things are yet to come from quacks and charlatans,
Just ask for Doc Macaura's Pulsocon,
But now we have a cure for all that ails our minds and hearts,
The miracle of modern medicine.

Goodbye to simple treasures like the shoe horn or the globe,
The silence yielded to technology.
A miracle of ever changing visions and designs,
A rapid innovative symphony.

Friday, June 28, 2013


If super hero powers were the walk of daily life,
I ponder what the world would bring to pass.
Effusions of the soul would be a tangible event,
A cosmic web of weaving skill and sass.

Empathy would be a Girl whose spirit would emote,
All sentiment and thought that she consumed.
Absorbing all the feelings from the people passing by,
Emotions causing energy to bloom.

The Willpower of some would be a tidal wave of strength,
A bulldozer of unexpected force.
Beware the calm determination waiting to explode,
No common shield will alter this Man's course.

Perhaps the rain will amplify from tear ducts weeping love,
The sun will shine from eyes that sparkle bright.
All plants will thrive in congruence with babies growing up,
An earthquake caused by small domestic fight.

How glorious and free to have a spirit so unleashed,
Though consequences may be dubious.
We need a bit of enigmatic fantasy in life,
to have imagination copious.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


The traveler experiences all that life can drink,
Imbibing vast enlightenment, adventure to the brink.

Kerplummeting from epic heights, Spelunking through the snow.
Pretending that the greatest hope is only what you know.

But mystery is savior from the common place mundane,
A calculating little scheme that breaks into your brain.

One moment things are settled, all is what it's always seemed,
Then suddenly you are an image from a land you dreamed.

A breathtaking awareness of the things you fear to wish.
The one you always longed for holds the true unending kiss.

It's miracles, regardless of the reason or the rhyme,
The paradise of life is what you realize in time.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


A unicorn that flies through sparkle rainbows and beyond,
May lose its head if crashing into walls.
So sad for other beasties who will weep in sharp despair,
When robot limbs from skylight slowly falls.

Unfortunately there's a beast who'll glory and rejoice,
For nothing but the death of Unicorns,
Their lion body, human head, and tail of chilling fright,
Devourer of Men, the Manticore.

But in the nearby fields and adjoining emerald pools,
A riot of rebellion will break out.
The woodland creatures rally and the cretins run in shame,
For magic vengeance soon will knock you out.

Of course there are those villains who support the Manticore,
The Drakons from the ancient denizen.
The Axolotl or the common land bound Walking Fish,
Will casually strike fear through heart's of men.

But finally the Mermaids with their Merbabies in tow,
Accompanied by sea horses en masse.
Will power forward with their rage all mystical and pure,
For no one makes a Unicorn an ass.

While Neptune soon presides over this circus battle ring,
The secret yet unknown will come to light.
A Unicorn may crash and burn, its head may catch on fire,
But like a Phoenix, none will end or blight.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


A palace of serenity is often what we crave,
When times of greatest hardship let us down.
Perhaps it's hard to take the leap into a tranquil space,
We need a spark to reconstruct our frown.

Imagine pools of quietude, alive with splashing mirth,
A raft discovering a leafy den.
The phosphorescent gems encrusted on the distant sky,
All glimpsing through the bubbled lair of zen.

For some it might be moonlight under canopies of frost,
The brilliance of a silent, glacial night.
Envisioning the pristine glow of starlit crystal breath,
Enwrapped in warmth of someone holding tight.

And those who wish to frolic in the revelry of love,
Enchanted meadows billowing in flowers,
Kaleidoscopes of technicolor dancing round in song,
A magic world that rains in cosmic showers.

To take a moment for your soul is not any easy task,
The diligence of daily life may reign.
But focus on recuperation time when vigor lacks,
A bit of rapture always keeps you sane.

Monday, June 24, 2013


From days of youth and recklessness the stories often told,
will rival what the Bible oft defies.
Though age will add perspective and experiences grow,
It does not positively make us wise.

A bit of wine in moderation even helps the heart,
But bottles of elixir will destroy,
A happy tipsy buzz providing laughter laced with stars,
Will end hysterically over a boy.

Procrastination brings our purpose to a grinding halt,
And once the pressure bursts you vow once more,
To never wait until the last of minutes passes by,
If only good intentions weren't ignored.

A penny for a rainy day is quite a brilliant thought,
Who doesn't love a windfall biding time.
But living in the moment means expenses yet unplanned,
Some opportunities are quite sublime.

A carpe diem aphorism has its pros and cons,
We look back with regret if we repine.
So learn from life experience while knowing in your heart,
That any knowledge grasped will make you shine.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


A classic case of etiquette is what New Yorkers need,
When roaming round the boroughs on their trusty subway steed.

The laws of physics still prevail when walking through a crowd,
You cannot walk through people made of solids, not of cloud.

Though books are entertaining, music pleasant in your ear,
That shouldn't cause an inability to see or steer.

If trapped inside a carriage feeling like a piece of meat,
It's easy to believe that you alone deserve a seat.

Consider what may happen if you let the train car clear,
Before you barge on board just like a pirate mutineer.

If everyone allowed themselves to look beyond their nose,
We might all find a reason to breathe in ambrosial rose.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


They say life is a journey, we should focus on today,
But goals are often hard to look beyond.
Imagine in the moment when there's love that holds you fast,
It cripples what the morning sun has dawned.

The beauty in a raindrop, in the fields of weeping fleurs,
The lessons that you learn from falling down.
If in the moment yearning takes a hold of all your dreams,
You can't relinquish life for thoughts that drown.

I breathe intoxication, on a daily basis cry,
For all the love if not restrained explodes.
A magic intonation, giving soundtrack to our hearts,
A symphony with many different modes.

It's easy to relinquish fate to cosmic dominance,
To sacrifice a moonbeam for a star.
But if you take responsibility for all that's yours,
You shine magnificent the one you are.

I love, that is a statement, not a question to propose,
There is no doubt I'll cherish all desire.
But in the course of journey one must focus on what's now,
A real love is like undying fire.

Friday, June 21, 2013


Rolling rolling forward on her thunder wheels of fame,
Zooming past the meteors that crash into terrain.

Her stellar steed a vespa, pink with silver lightning bolts,
A matching suit of leather, white with stealth electron volts.

No matter what conditions her pink helmet saves her hair,
A sheen of gleaming curls, her skin the fairest of the fair.

Cruising past the skyline, brilliant monuments bedeck,
A glimpse of Eiffel Tower, over Pont des Arts she treks.

Not quite a superheroine, her confidence abounds,
With cleverness and narcissism daily she is crowned.

The charm of such a wonder is a dazzling sight to see,
Parisian Retro Motor Barbie, glimmering lady.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Protein is important to the common way of life,
It drives all mammal energy through happiness or strife.

While some people will choose existence focusing on greens,
They must provide a supplement through tofu, whey or beans.

Though herbivores exist amidst the evolution thread,
I'd rather be an omnivore with tasting buds wide-spread.

Just like the dinosaurs that once monopolized the Earth,
The ones who took control were carnivores by right and birth.

Indulging in the radiance of poultry bathed in jus,
Steak frites or leg of lamb in garlic sauce will fragrant-brew.

If Dionysus wanted us to only eat pea pods,
Demeter would have called herself indulgent party god.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Between all romping creatures roaming on the ancient moors,
And mountainous competitors so grand,
There comes to life a rivalry that echoes once a year,
When entering a battle of the bands.

There isn't much contention for the animals en masse,
For every year the groups assured are two,
The Spring Lems from the lowlands with their bass-like bleating beat,
The Mountain Chamois with their showmen-woo.

Beginning in the fields there is a sound that resonates, 
A tapestry of ragtime rock n' roll,
The Spring Lems work together as a rhythmic sound machine,
Their fuzzy, wooly costumes to extol.

Then soaring up the precipice to monumental heights,
An operatic bellowing takes hold,
The aerobatic nature of these solo artists peaks,
When galavanting in the frosty cold.

The philharmonic playground of this annual concord,
Inspires even hibernating beasts.
No matter who the champion, all soul-fed melody,
Reverberate in celebrating feasts.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


When driving up to Utica, a mystery appears,
Amidst the mountain perils weaving through.
A legend of protection, turning fantasy to fact,
The floral fairies whisper what is true.

A denizen of pheasants reigning haughtily supreme,
Defending what creation left their prize.
A pallet of those cuddled, no not coddled, golden eggs,
To covet shamelessly is to be wise.

The fairy network those tune in for news and idleness,
Have infomercials heralding this loot,
Please dare to conquer Utica and take your pheasant eggs,
with "glomsoftfairyhands" you will uproot.

Beware the cunning creatures bent on leading you astray,
The fairies' propaganda will divert.
Deception and conspiracy will overwhelm the odds,
With cruel tantalization you will flirt.

There is no guarantee this quest will end in fruitfulness,
The danger of the pheasant is quite great,
But what to gain from eggs enchanted with the fairy brand,
Will harbor possibilities of fate.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Of karma we consider many paths of cosmic trust,
From romance, education, to financial health gone bust.

The latter in particular will cause a bit of stress,
A myriad of sadness when economy's a mess.

A cosmic balance often strived for willingly by most,
To work for many hours earning riches then to boast.

Accompanied by time to rest and more to socialize,
Your thunderstruck existence opens up to shining skies.

A vision of a freedom raining silvery and gold,
Perhaps a stellar fortune that an oracle foretold.

But comfort in abundance can put worries down to rest,
Though miracles are welcome, inspiration is the best.

With open arms embracing all the universe will yield,
For soon your human life will imitate Elysian Fields.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


In search for perfect pastry there's a holy grail thought.
A beacon quite idyllic, by the purists often sought.

All layers of sweet crispness, filled with cinnamon or cream,
Bedecked with swirls of elegance, a grand celestial team.

Such hardship lies upon the path of one who seeks this prize,
Especially to those who think at all nutrition-wise.

But every once in reverie, an aberration calls,
A siren filled with frosting, glazed with sugar to enthrall.

A renaissance of decadence promoting senseless acts,
Abandoning all pretense of all healthy nutra-facts.

You stand in line for hours yearning, longing, sweets in sight,
The hands of Michelangelo so close to touching light.

The rumored treasure "cronut" dangling afar from view,
A fascist institution nullifying my review.

But satisfied I was for gourmet donuts saved the day,
And thus I end my sermon vilifying cronut-way.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


The turning of a wheel creates a soft hypnotic beat,
Bewitching those who take this lofty flight.
A journey to the heart of what leaves shackles in the dust,
First down to shadows then back up to light.

To follow such a pattern brings imagination forth,
An animated mastery of fun.
The quirky personalities of fiction running wild,
Absurdity will blitheley overrun.

You cycle swiftly past a troupe of monkeys running free,
A feline on your arm to navigate.
Some juggling amidst the rain of marbles hailing down,
If only Dr. Seuss could delegate.

The wind that passes has intoxication in its grasp,
Imbibing spirits like a strong perfume.
Parading over gravel, soaring over fields of grass,
En route to mad euphoria you zoom.

Then finally the journey comes abruptly to a close,
Perhaps a pace to match a centipede.
Enjoying final moments of the scenery around,
The odyssey of great velocipede.

Friday, June 14, 2013


If every day you work from dawn till dusk and then beyond,
A Satisfaction rarely takes control.
For working past intolerance to grasp at wilting straws,
A lingering exhaustion takes its toll.

In many countries, duty and determination reign,
there is no room for splendor and respite.
But sadly are the days that slowly ebb away in time,
For those are memories that shine contrite.

Consider opportunity an everlasting feat,
A brilliance that will never find its end.
So take the time to ponder all the beauty in the world,
Before into indifference we wend.

Il dolce far niente some will banter every day,
For some it's joie de vivre they effuse,
No matter what the language it's a universal hope,
To spend a day enraptured by a muse.

Continue working to the bone, ambition makes a goal,
Though rogue, erratic longing can rebound.
When days of rest turn into epic slumbers missing life,
What's lost may not account for what is found.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


A restaurant provides a scope for microscopic life,
A brief repose from stress, monotony, sadness, or strife.

To those who are in residence, you're treated like a queen.
A sycophantic crowd to do your bidding sets the scene.

Just like a regal court each servant has their role to play,
A vassal to bring bread, a serf to ease your weary day.

But caution to the dictators who take this role to heart,
For most of your attendants are pursuing others arts.

Enlightened with a cleverness that challenges your pride,
Beware to those wallow in ascendancy or tried.

Indulging in resplendence is a time-honored routine,
But egocentric mastery is not what people mean.

Forgetting common courtesy will not add up the math,
The servant will defy the master's desultory wrath.

The artisans preoccupied with minion-esque affairs,
Will soon create a masterpiece of metaphor to share.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


What ho! Says someone haughtily while sitting in a chair,
I question what you carelessly assume.
Awaiting the impatience caused by shackles holding fast,
Abandoned by those strong enough to bloom.

A sitting individual who waits for life to call,
Will endlessly endure a wrath of gloom.
A matter of fragility for all those weighing odds,
Risk silently a lifetime in a tomb.

To question those who dictate takes a spirit caught on fire,
Perhaps a bit of ignorance and glee.
Feel strong determination and some confidence to spare,
A willingness to look and then to see.

Take heart in all that triumphs for the pure of heart will reign,
Desirous of an unsung melody
The kind that echoes chaos overrun with cosmic mirth,
A lesson to us all that we are free.

But ho! Says the rebellious, tinkering through ancient times,
Not foraging, but following the scent,
Refusing to relinquish in the face of sovereignty,
Adventuring through moments we lament

It stands to reason, those who take the power take the prize,
Alive in undiminished merriment.
To say what ho! Instead of sitting idly demure,
It pays to be a bit recalcitrant.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


If warming is global than so should the hearts,
of those overlooking despair.
A great silver lining to cover the smog,
Should manifest smiles from the air,
Imagine a playland of glitter and song,
Abandoned to vacuums of greed.
A sweet little dollop of cookies and cream,
corroded with rodents in need.
It may seem cliche, even border naive,
To frolic in passionate hope.
But rather to wander in search of some love,
than casually injure or mope.
A reticent energy sweeping the Earth,
compelled into melancholy
will suffer the rage of a shattering star,
eclipsed by all blind apathy.
Don't misunderstand, it's a great circus act,
a tightrope of harrowing bliss.
But better to walk on the brink of a dream,
than wither away so remiss.

Monday, June 10, 2013

50 Days Until France!

Once upon a time... There was a quirky little princess from the American Northeast who galloped away on her prancing glimmer-pony into the ethereal heavens to embark on a surreal adventure of chance... She spent two months in the Parisian City of Light only to return to the States with a burning desire to storm the stage of Paris once again. After grueling trials, frustrating tribulations, and smatterings of cosmic fortune, she will soon embark on a fanciful journey... Exactly 50 Days from tomorrow she will land on the French terrain and continue her journey of nonsensical musings to the world... And to commemorate this pursuit with a challenge befitting the highest rank of royal ridiculousness, she will write and post one poem every day until she leaves, as a countdown to living and loving out loud...