Friday, June 14, 2013


If every day you work from dawn till dusk and then beyond,
A Satisfaction rarely takes control.
For working past intolerance to grasp at wilting straws,
A lingering exhaustion takes its toll.

In many countries, duty and determination reign,
there is no room for splendor and respite.
But sadly are the days that slowly ebb away in time,
For those are memories that shine contrite.

Consider opportunity an everlasting feat,
A brilliance that will never find its end.
So take the time to ponder all the beauty in the world,
Before into indifference we wend.

Il dolce far niente some will banter every day,
For some it's joie de vivre they effuse,
No matter what the language it's a universal hope,
To spend a day enraptured by a muse.

Continue working to the bone, ambition makes a goal,
Though rogue, erratic longing can rebound.
When days of rest turn into epic slumbers missing life,
What's lost may not account for what is found.

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