Wednesday, June 12, 2013


What ho! Says someone haughtily while sitting in a chair,
I question what you carelessly assume.
Awaiting the impatience caused by shackles holding fast,
Abandoned by those strong enough to bloom.

A sitting individual who waits for life to call,
Will endlessly endure a wrath of gloom.
A matter of fragility for all those weighing odds,
Risk silently a lifetime in a tomb.

To question those who dictate takes a spirit caught on fire,
Perhaps a bit of ignorance and glee.
Feel strong determination and some confidence to spare,
A willingness to look and then to see.

Take heart in all that triumphs for the pure of heart will reign,
Desirous of an unsung melody
The kind that echoes chaos overrun with cosmic mirth,
A lesson to us all that we are free.

But ho! Says the rebellious, tinkering through ancient times,
Not foraging, but following the scent,
Refusing to relinquish in the face of sovereignty,
Adventuring through moments we lament

It stands to reason, those who take the power take the prize,
Alive in undiminished merriment.
To say what ho! Instead of sitting idly demure,
It pays to be a bit recalcitrant.

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