Tuesday, June 11, 2013


If warming is global than so should the hearts,
of those overlooking despair.
A great silver lining to cover the smog,
Should manifest smiles from the air,
Imagine a playland of glitter and song,
Abandoned to vacuums of greed.
A sweet little dollop of cookies and cream,
corroded with rodents in need.
It may seem cliche, even border naive,
To frolic in passionate hope.
But rather to wander in search of some love,
than casually injure or mope.
A reticent energy sweeping the Earth,
compelled into melancholy
will suffer the rage of a shattering star,
eclipsed by all blind apathy.
Don't misunderstand, it's a great circus act,
a tightrope of harrowing bliss.
But better to walk on the brink of a dream,
than wither away so remiss.

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