Saturday, June 22, 2013


They say life is a journey, we should focus on today,
But goals are often hard to look beyond.
Imagine in the moment when there's love that holds you fast,
It cripples what the morning sun has dawned.

The beauty in a raindrop, in the fields of weeping fleurs,
The lessons that you learn from falling down.
If in the moment yearning takes a hold of all your dreams,
You can't relinquish life for thoughts that drown.

I breathe intoxication, on a daily basis cry,
For all the love if not restrained explodes.
A magic intonation, giving soundtrack to our hearts,
A symphony with many different modes.

It's easy to relinquish fate to cosmic dominance,
To sacrifice a moonbeam for a star.
But if you take responsibility for all that's yours,
You shine magnificent the one you are.

I love, that is a statement, not a question to propose,
There is no doubt I'll cherish all desire.
But in the course of journey one must focus on what's now,
A real love is like undying fire.

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