Wednesday, July 31, 2013

50 Poem Fanfare

Tomorrow I sally forth into a grand new adventure, parading the French landscape in search of cosmic hope and dreams. I want to thank all of those who have been on this 50-day journey of poetic absurdity with me and encourage you to continue following my escapades in ridiculousness henceforth. While I may not write a poem every day, I will sprinkle my narrative adventures, picture chronologies, and random reverie with melodious musings. Feel free to share with the masses, keep the comments rolling, and stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Il y avait une fille intelligente
Elle n'a jamais été ennuyante.

Tout le monde pense qu'elle est très jolie
Et chaque jour, elle agit très gentille.

Elle aime faire tournoyer et danser
Mais même beaucoup plus à chanter.

Très bientôt, elle aura courage
Elle se rendra et dire bon voyage.

Et fort le son de la trompette
Chanterai je suis très pompette.

Elle va voyager autour en chantant
Et lueur et être enchantant.

Elle va trouver un moyen d'être heureuse
et toujours dans l'amour amoureuse.

Monday, July 29, 2013


Packing can begin a process existential-tense,
It burdens you with choices that in moments seem immense.

While heralding a new adventure passionate and true,
It brings to light decisions that you fear you'll one day rue.

Surrounding you are people who will pump you with new hope,
Supporting all the nonsense and allowing you to cope.

It happens on occasion that some others will deflect,
Upheaval of emotions makes a bon voyage reject.

And sifting through the pieces of your lifetime in a box,
You see what is irrelevant and what indeed just rocks.

Through stressful baggage limits and the heaviness of loot,
You come to terms with fond farewells and horizons to boot.

Then zipping up the last of all rogue pieces spread around,
The smile of expectations brings your thoughts wanderlust-bound.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


(In Continuation...)

Through seventeen sections of figment and fall,
She ebbed into legends renown.
For into a story of karma and class,
Entrancing a mythical town.

Past hillsides of willy-whisps, coppered in chrome,
Euphoric dedundrums to sing.
Three farahips riding on waves sparkled rose,
A halo of rapture to ring.

Bewitched by the presence of old versus new,
The time for unwillingness past.
A landscape epiphany blanketed free,
Awaiting creation at last.

The first thing to do in a land unrestrained,
Post-weaving a web of rapport,
Is offering peace to the pixies who reign,
And registering with grandeur.

Then searching for purpose in freedom bespoke,
Convivial celebrating,
She rambled to pastures enriched with all hues,
To ponder the role of fating.

Perhaps in the honor of leading a cause,
Or studying archival dreams.
The man with periphery questions of hope,
Will riddle all passion extremes.

Voluminous mystery waiting to breathe,
A map-work with no confirmed course.
By dancing in soul-stream and heart-stunning love,
You'll come to "The Cranny of Orsss".

Saturday, July 27, 2013


A long time ago in a faraway land,
There lived a young maiden benign.
She tousled and turned in a fit of distaste,
While trying so hard not to whine.

Her sense of adventure was recklessly trite,
For never did exploits she see.
When faced with a challenge it often took years,
For dreams to reality be.

Upon one bright morning illusion did strike,
Ethereal song filled the room.
A cosmic celestial mythology thought,
To broaden horizons and bloom.

Twas time for a journey to stunning unfold,
And madcap amazingment dawn.
No longer would stages of melancholy
Be interrupted by a yawn.

To twilight she wandered and mystical gleams
Of perilous nighttime lay forth.
Though images tormented, poppies to sniff,
And stars signifying the North.

Abandoned by sunset a shadow crept in,
And layers of mountainous view.
Amidst all nuances of battle fraught scene,
The wind chimes of history blew.

Then turning up flowers that wreaked of the past,
There came a magnificent force.
A whisper of secretive cadence proclaimed,
You've unearthed "The Cranny of Orsss".

(To Be Continued...)

Friday, July 26, 2013


The last day of a job can be nostalgic, even sad,
When saying sweet goodbyes to all the friends that you have had.

Though often when employment has been torturous at best,
It doesn't seem a bad thing to put labor time to rest.

Not meaning to begrudge the privilege of working wage,
I'd rather spend my time being a muse or worldly sage.

Now leaving life of servitude profoundly in the dust,
I say goodbye security, it's time to ride the gust.

I sally forth to odysseys of mystical unknown,
And sing the trilling anthem of adventure not yet shown.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Success is often marred with expectations never found,
A landmine peppered kindly with regret.
To relish in the moment of achievement triumphant,
Is difficult to do sans endless fret.

When gushes of relief allow a calm to overflow,
Felicity replaces what was fear.
A very brief euphoria gives introspection to,
The things you have attained and now hold dear.

Observing all the victories accumulating high,
Like presents underneath a Christmas tree,
Exquisite in appearance, offering a childish thrill,
Then overwhelming to the nth degree.

Take stock of all the beauty, an astounding thing to do,
When charmed with such abundances of wealth.
Relax into a shower of the pleasantries you've earned,
Try not to let objection win my stealth.

If life and luck and working hard present you with some thanks,
Stand tall and dance in starlight through the scene.
Be confident and regal, owning all that you have won,
Accepting joy befitting that of Queen.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


The excesses of celebration often come with vice,
A Dionysian episode with not too bad a price.

Though days will pass with hangovers, exhaustion or some nerves,
The vast anticipation only amplifies the verve.

When gearing up for gusto in the face of what is new,
Its typical to ponder what the future holds in view.

And waltzing through nostalgic invitations running past,
A plethora of rendez-vous will quickly be amassed.

With cheeses, cakes galore and exponential casks of wine,
The felicitations of aspirations build a shrine.

Amidst a lightly shadowed brilliance leading up to splendor,
One has to feel the madness of a grand bon voyage bender.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The moments of a lifetime that besmirch a world gone calm,
Won't satisfy the needs of those humdrum.
A measure of the pinnacle that some will strive to reach,
The anti-hebetudinously numb.

A bit of folly never exercised a rash despair,
From gravity to antics wide and free,
The devilish betrayal of an ennui antidote,
For those who dare will fascinate in glee.

A day of tired nothingness can contemplate fatigue,
Erroneously carving greater sins.
If lackluster insouciance provides a heightened greed,
There is no hope of cataclysmic grins.

And so the day will come when vegetation leads to risk,
The spontaneity of inklings new.
A lightbulb signifies the au courant of missions found,
While breathing in the innovative view.

Ensconced in vast delirium will passion vaguely glean,
Inspiring the vapidness to cease.
Envisioning a future with a destiny to choose,
Bewildering the lunacy t'unleash.

Just strip the bland exterior to socks and shoes to run,
A'twirling, vociferating nonsense.
If moxing gives you moxy bring on oodles to relieve,
The extraordinary from the dense.

Monday, July 22, 2013


Everyone is relaxin'
Dancing in the rain.

Terrified that attacks
Will hit the max
And drive you insane.

When you witness the stacks,
Mountains of the taxes
We attain.

Don't be threatened by the hacks
Who drive in packs
And soon complain.

Whistle to the tune of ax,
The form of sax,
Soul-music play.

And use thought-provoking facts,
Do not be lax
Or never say,

Mystical adventure modifies an angsty tune,
Happily bewildered by the code of ancient rune.

When an obstacle emits an effervescent light.
Become the radiance that fuels a life worth saving fight...

Sunday, July 21, 2013


The briskness of a newborn thought is perilous and frail,
The burgeoning exquisiteness of tenderfooted tales.

A hologram awaiting opportunity to show,
The well-defined epiphany till now a fragile glow.

Amidst a burning shadow of a convoluted plan,
Delineated ventures like the maps of Magellan.

Entwined within a tempest of anarchic plaited mesh,
Will manifest a clarity that breathes idea fresh.

A new adventure dawning on the ambits of a wisp,
Will magically transfigure into concepts clear and crisp.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


The farmer in the dell is quite an innocent cliche,
A man, his wife, a child and heigh-ho derry-o to say.

One thinks of carting horses, shucking corn or apple groves.
Fresh produce, roaming livestock, insects flying round in droves.

Not many would immediately think of steamy sex,
A muscle-bound philanderer with arms to hold and flex.

But wand'ring through a market with a spectacle of goods,
You see a cornucopia of those misunderstood.

Perhaps all those without a sense of hedonistic lust,
Would not at once appreciate a tractor lined with rust.

But those who find enchantment in the Michaelangelo,
Cannot but find attraction in rural lothario.

All hail to Saturn, Ceres, or Demeter who decree,
The agricultural visions of the Farmer Eye Candy.

Friday, July 19, 2013


A lifetime filled with living is a paradise indeed,
Accosting every moment with a choice.
To exercise epiphany in simple little things,
Magnanimously stating with your voice.

A metabolic masterpiece of blithe undying love,
Predicts from ancient silhouettes a dream,
Of patient limber energy usurping strong fatigue,
Allowing a revival of the scene.

Imagine every decade in a century of change,
Parading new magnificence to see.
From telegraphs to bomb attacks, typewriters to iPads,
The costumes a patchwork chronology.

Experiencing all events that life will offer up,
An education triumphing all odds.
From mathematics, military, library, travel,
A catalogue of merit to applaud.

An epoch of accomplishment to look back and bemuse,
The legacy of one who is worthwhile.
Though sadness enters moments of of a farewell never sought,
We'll think of you with fondness and a smile.

(In loving memory- Anne Bihlmeyer)

Thursday, July 18, 2013


When jittery anxiety possesses like disease,
It's hard to feel the freedom of the now.
Locked inside uncertainty of nervousness and doubt,
Your thoughts are trapped behind a furrowed brow.

Like pins and needles, heebie-jeebies, goose bumps running wild,
The restlessness propels a state of fits.
The fidgeting disquietude of tormenting loose ends,
Will make you want to think of calling quits.

Imagine creepy crawlies threatening to overtake,
Wriggling and squirming within range,
A pitch black night of blinding panic caving in your sight,
No matter where you look there is no change.

But happily the light within can focus any dream,
A calming and harmonious resolve.
To choose desire worthy of defeating any dread,
Will sooner let uncertainly absolve.

To what we stress in apprehension's better centered on,
The rainbows we take action to pursue.
Instead of being crippled by the things we can't control,
We're better off conquering what we do.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Lilliputian novelties are quite a sight to see,
Abandoning all pretense of colossal and mighty.

But pretty little packages are often doused with sass,
A tiny dainty flower with a punch made up of brass.

Diminutive in size does not account for any goal,
A minikin phenomenon is absolutely whole.

And miniaturized versions of a monumental thing,
Will capture all charisma with a dazzling mini-zing.

Beware the microscopic for though harmless from afar,
Will blast you with enchantment when they show you what they are.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Bouncing through the stratosphere a stellar sight to see.
Bewitching all the radiance that burns from energy.

A terror of expedience profoundly running wild.
Attacking paradoxes with the whimsy of a child.

Elastic bands go flying through a window for escape.
A triangle does cartwheels while circles merely gape.

The rainfall doesn't challenge it provides a new backdrop.
A canvas of experience for energy to hop.

For those who linger passively awaiting what will pass,
Consider modifying with a little bit of sass.

Don't wait for softened quietude to consequently cease.
Enrich all that surrounds with metabolic masterpiece.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Of mixed up crazy weekends will adventures oft ensue,
And happily will vino lend a hand.
A group of friends parading over lands nostalgia hosts,
Will not adhere to nonsense that is planned.

A stag is very regal when it prances round a glen,
And statuesque in form presiding court.
But picture taking silliness allows frivolity,
A chance for Stag to have a brief consort.

It seems that playing games with boards and cards would be direct,
A time to ponder strategy or smarts.
When adding Harry Potter to existing merriment,
Ridiculousness flourishes from arts.

Though very often quite mundane in circumstance corrupt,
A dying car should cause a sharp dismay.
Quite happily the saving grace of life's absurdity,
Steps up when true Hell's Angels save the day.

In friends and whimsicality we find felicity,
A cherished contribution to our souls.
To find yourself in boredom or in loneliness defies,
The pieces of our heart that make us whole.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


The red, the white, the blue that we associate with flags,
Is not just in America where freedom reigns and brags.

A day of independence, storming barricades to win,
In recent times we think of epic songs that Broadway sings.

On 60th and 5th there is a caravan of food,
A taste for epicureans who crave a Francais mood.

From coq-au-vin to cornichon to crepes and crisp baguette,
New Yorkers celebrate this day of Nationale Fete.

In Paris there are feux d'artifice glittering the sky,
The grand City of Light gives hearts the wings to flutter high.

As Monet painted color bursts of vivid victory,
Today I wish Joyeux to celebrating Day Bastille.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


The creepy crawly critters from the deepest darkest tree,
Will soon wreak havoc on the souls of wonder breaking free.

The morbid menace monsters that will hide under your bed,
Take pleasure in the terrors of the living or the dead.

The ghastly gruesome ghosties manifesting from your dreams,
Don't hesitate to conquer what inane illusion seems.

When pondering the spectral haunts of phantom mystery,
We sooner blame coincidence for what can truly be.

While bones may shatter in the wind and whisper stories past,
Beware the souls remaining in the energy that lasts.

Friday, July 12, 2013


In basic life philosophy it seems to be the case,
That health would be a top priority.
We put aside the petty and vindictive daily tasks,
And fighting for survival is the key.

But in a land where life support is difficult to earn,
Though freedom is the mantra to believe.
You'd think it would be easier to find an antidote,
For freedom cannot well-being achieve.

A company that makes its money sacrificing aid,
For benefits that sadly assist few,
Should question their agenda when depriving fellow man,
Of basic human rights that they eschew.

Unfortunately for the masses not just business fails,
When choosing fundamentals that betray.
A large conglomerate of ignorance sustains the cause,
By selfishly defying in dismay.

My hope is that in lieu of universal negligence,
Or battling for trifling concerns,
We realize we cannot be so shallow when we've lost,
Ability to think or breathe or spurn.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


When running round the city it's impossible to note,
the early morning sunrise or the history we wrote,

Upon the very pavement that terrains beneath our feet,
We're often quite preoccupied with suffocating heat.

We have to catch the subway, stay at work late, walk the dog.
On weekends it's imperative we slumber like a log.

With tunnel vision, blindly texting on our smarty phone,
A city full of people yet we walk around alone.

The flowers peaking from the cracks get trampled in neglect,
Musicians playing songs we oft annoyingly reject.

But everywhere are pieces of a magic mystery,
The clues of pulchritudinous anomalies to free.

As lifetime quickly wanes it might be nice before our death,
To calmly say whoa, pony, look around, and take a breath.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


All words in life when spoken with a strong intensity,
Are powerful beyond the range of war.
A word can set a viral plague abounding through a crowd,
Or stab worse than a weapon through your core.

They also have the levity to lighten any mood,
Transporting silent sadness into smiles.
A word of hope soon whispered on the purlieus of the wind,
Will amplify and spread for miles and miles.

In fantasy, the charms and sounds of meaning will prevail,
Incanting and entrancing those to act.
The dictionary hosts a lexicon of potency,
Providing more than pure and simple fact.

In every great relationship from family to friend,
A tiny phrase can make or break a vow.
To say I love you overwhelms with hypnotizing thrill,
Surpassing what euphoria allows.

They say that sticks and stones may break the bones of those who bleed,
But words don't have the power to destroy.
It's hard to justify this thought when feelings lie at heart,
Of what brings terror, sympathy, or joy.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The hero Prince Combobulate
Has never yet miscalculated
Anything Premeditated
To make right from wrong.

His image is quite captivating,
Girls start hyperventilating
When his smile illuminates
And life bursts into song.

Sometimes he gets inebriated
But that just accentuates 
His features that soon pixelate
Like staring into sun.

His tales are never fabricated,
Stories not hallucinated,
True he can funambulate
Like no one yet has done.

When out to circumambulate 
He will not ever hesitate
To rapidly defenestrate
A hoodwinker or foe.

His fans will soon inaugurate 
A formal day to celebrate,
Elucidate and consecrate
The merits of this beau.

Monday, July 8, 2013


The early hours of the morn are torturous and cruel,
When forced to wake against your will without some magic fuel.

Though quite the stunning sight to see the sunrise beam and blast,
A little bit of coffee will help make the moment last.

A plant infused with effervescence ready to revive
The souls who need a boost when moonbeams run away and hide.

All hail the magic beans so far superior to Jack's,
I'd much prefer espresso to a giant that attacks.

As dawn continues into morning, hope begins to bloom,
A day of cosmic mystery unraveling so soon.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


All figments of imagination rollick through the world,
When thinking of reality, the borderlines are swirled.

And crossing over from a land of fantasy delight,
We have our two sweet heroes in absurdity excite.

One tromping, silver apparition furrowing through trees.
His small behorned compatriot at times producing cheese.

Through mountainsides and jungles these two masquerade aplomb,
While proving to the masses that they have little to none.

Our lumbering celebratory, with trunk to shatter glass,
Will kindly say excuse me when he calmly passes gas.

Then little hooved luminary buts his head in scorn,
But accidentally somersaults into a rose's thorn.

Their wily antics roam the world in laughter-making glee,
These darling doted eidolons all followers agree.

If only happy tales result then all is not for naught,
The comic misadventures of dear Éléphant and Gwot.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


The energy traipsing around in the world,
Cannot be contained by a rule.
Its many incarnations filling the tales,
So daintily weaved on a spool.

From classic antiquity filled with the gods,
So powerfully taking control.
Their self-centered egos affecting the Earth,
For Apollodorus's scrolls.

In Hindu mythology omnipresence
Supports gods' existence throughout.
The spirit and self are proclaimed in the words
The Upanishads sacredly spout.

And then comes A.D. era thoughts to provoke,
The Bible will preach its credo.
From Noah before Christ, to Jesus Himself,
The Christians will reap what they sow.

Diversity represents infinite range,
A scope of Imagination.
From one to the next stories change over time,
All linked by the same foundation.

Friday, July 5, 2013


A much recurring pattern can be beautiful, serene.
A microcosmic labyrinth spreading wide.
The chaos theory unlocking all mysteries unknown,
Predicting unpredictable untried.

Kaleidoscopes of color, chromaticity unleashed,
A pine tree or a sea shell echoing.
An outer space existence of all iridescent light,
Infinity creating cosmic ring.

Imagine tiny branches of an ever-growing tree,
Twisting and regenerating life.
The natural phenomenon of lightning bolts or waves,
Self-similarity abounding rife.

All artists of the ages channel science in their work,
The higher mathematics of Einstein.
Quantum physics space-time pointillism of Seurat,
And Jackson Pollock's drip-dots intertwine.

A time machine of possibilities to be unearthed,
To ride atop a flying pterodactyl.
Perhaps its only consciousness that keeps us in the now,
The enigmatic glamour of a fractal.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Of stars and stripes and glitter-balls bespeckling the sky,
A day of Independence where we watch things flying high.

Hostile battles breaking free from overlording reign,
While quiet heroes make a difference, like Johnny Tremain.

A country filled with rebels fighting hard to make a change,
No wonder we're a culture fierce to protect our home range.

Eclipsing the diversity that formed our melting pot,
Societies of those enjoying freedom that they fought.

Today we celebrate with grilling cheeseburgers and corn,
Going to the beach, red, white, and blue we oft adorn.

A drink with friends and family, remembering what counts,
A Happy Independence Day I happily announce!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The days of hair monotony have long since laid to rest,
A person has the choice to look their worst or look their best.

Some choose short and spiky do's while others hanker long,
A blondie or a ginger to minorities belong.

Accessories are decorations adding bits of flare,
Extensions, wigs, and hair pieces will cover what's not there.

The best of all are weapons, tackling the bad hair foes.
The gels, the sprays, the straighteners, the dryers that will blow.

In my opinion, curling irons reign above supreme!
They charm your hair in ringlets catching radiant sun beams.

Like wizards with a wand, they sprinkle magic on your locks.
Transforming even vagabonds to superstars who rock.

All hail to this spiral sprite who flourishes in love,
Celestial twirls transcending tresses glimmering above.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The fragile human body is a breeding ground for pain,
A suit of armor overrun with chinks.
It suffers rather dearly when consuming piles of crap,
Or pandering to emo-need for drinks.

Comparing to a battle ground is not a far off thought,
A constant balance struggling for pow'r.
They say a mind and body symbiotic fellowship,
Will have you skipping blithely through the flowers.

Like spinach is to Popeye so is water through our veins,
Maintaining and hydrating human health,
To wither in the dryness of a desert ray of sun,
Like kryptonite to corporeal wealth.

When cared to with attention, we are effervescent beings,
To marathons and acrobatics flock.
Dancing in a soul-stream of the possibilities,
The animals of wild can never mock.

So enjoy the ups and down of what indulgence can present,
Take baths in epic splendor of the day,
Then drink a glass of water and embrace a little jig,
To strike a power balance will replay.

Monday, July 1, 2013


The infamous will oft proclaim an image mounting fear,
A nickname short and sweet to have the masses stand and cheer.

For some like Robin Hood, it is a hero's name they speak,
All riches to the poor shed light to those who were so bleak.

With others personality counts more than what they did,
Appearance and demeanor christened young Billy the Kid.

So now the tale of one who earned a worthy nom de plume.
His presence always marked with sounds of shuffling then boom.

The swinging doors will open onto chitter chatter hum,
To sounds of pianola will intoxicants succumb.

The strange familiar pattern of a footstep rhythm known,
The sound of royal notoriety en route to throne.

A cactus juice in one hand and a pistol in the right,
All bets are on to see which one this highwayman will fight.

But sucks to those whose apprehensions have been led astray.
Your lucky streak of gamblin' has met its doomsy day.

Our handlebar mustachioed rapscallion got his name
From stereotype-capers slowly growing into fame.

Just like our Don Quixote with his windmills in the sky,
This hero sees the danger in mosquitoes flying by.

A pool of indignation drowns this old-time beer-soaked brute,
And thus in lamentation ends The Tale of Wobbly Boot.