Wednesday, July 10, 2013


All words in life when spoken with a strong intensity,
Are powerful beyond the range of war.
A word can set a viral plague abounding through a crowd,
Or stab worse than a weapon through your core.

They also have the levity to lighten any mood,
Transporting silent sadness into smiles.
A word of hope soon whispered on the purlieus of the wind,
Will amplify and spread for miles and miles.

In fantasy, the charms and sounds of meaning will prevail,
Incanting and entrancing those to act.
The dictionary hosts a lexicon of potency,
Providing more than pure and simple fact.

In every great relationship from family to friend,
A tiny phrase can make or break a vow.
To say I love you overwhelms with hypnotizing thrill,
Surpassing what euphoria allows.

They say that sticks and stones may break the bones of those who bleed,
But words don't have the power to destroy.
It's hard to justify this thought when feelings lie at heart,
Of what brings terror, sympathy, or joy.

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