Friday, July 5, 2013


A much recurring pattern can be beautiful, serene.
A microcosmic labyrinth spreading wide.
The chaos theory unlocking all mysteries unknown,
Predicting unpredictable untried.

Kaleidoscopes of color, chromaticity unleashed,
A pine tree or a sea shell echoing.
An outer space existence of all iridescent light,
Infinity creating cosmic ring.

Imagine tiny branches of an ever-growing tree,
Twisting and regenerating life.
The natural phenomenon of lightning bolts or waves,
Self-similarity abounding rife.

All artists of the ages channel science in their work,
The higher mathematics of Einstein.
Quantum physics space-time pointillism of Seurat,
And Jackson Pollock's drip-dots intertwine.

A time machine of possibilities to be unearthed,
To ride atop a flying pterodactyl.
Perhaps its only consciousness that keeps us in the now,
The enigmatic glamour of a fractal.

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