Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The fragile human body is a breeding ground for pain,
A suit of armor overrun with chinks.
It suffers rather dearly when consuming piles of crap,
Or pandering to emo-need for drinks.

Comparing to a battle ground is not a far off thought,
A constant balance struggling for pow'r.
They say a mind and body symbiotic fellowship,
Will have you skipping blithely through the flowers.

Like spinach is to Popeye so is water through our veins,
Maintaining and hydrating human health,
To wither in the dryness of a desert ray of sun,
Like kryptonite to corporeal wealth.

When cared to with attention, we are effervescent beings,
To marathons and acrobatics flock.
Dancing in a soul-stream of the possibilities,
The animals of wild can never mock.

So enjoy the ups and down of what indulgence can present,
Take baths in epic splendor of the day,
Then drink a glass of water and embrace a little jig,
To strike a power balance will replay.

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