Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The moments of a lifetime that besmirch a world gone calm,
Won't satisfy the needs of those humdrum.
A measure of the pinnacle that some will strive to reach,
The anti-hebetudinously numb.

A bit of folly never exercised a rash despair,
From gravity to antics wide and free,
The devilish betrayal of an ennui antidote,
For those who dare will fascinate in glee.

A day of tired nothingness can contemplate fatigue,
Erroneously carving greater sins.
If lackluster insouciance provides a heightened greed,
There is no hope of cataclysmic grins.

And so the day will come when vegetation leads to risk,
The spontaneity of inklings new.
A lightbulb signifies the au courant of missions found,
While breathing in the innovative view.

Ensconced in vast delirium will passion vaguely glean,
Inspiring the vapidness to cease.
Envisioning a future with a destiny to choose,
Bewildering the lunacy t'unleash.

Just strip the bland exterior to socks and shoes to run,
A'twirling, vociferating nonsense.
If moxing gives you moxy bring on oodles to relieve,
The extraordinary from the dense.

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