Monday, July 29, 2013


Packing can begin a process existential-tense,
It burdens you with choices that in moments seem immense.

While heralding a new adventure passionate and true,
It brings to light decisions that you fear you'll one day rue.

Surrounding you are people who will pump you with new hope,
Supporting all the nonsense and allowing you to cope.

It happens on occasion that some others will deflect,
Upheaval of emotions makes a bon voyage reject.

And sifting through the pieces of your lifetime in a box,
You see what is irrelevant and what indeed just rocks.

Through stressful baggage limits and the heaviness of loot,
You come to terms with fond farewells and horizons to boot.

Then zipping up the last of all rogue pieces spread around,
The smile of expectations brings your thoughts wanderlust-bound.

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