Sunday, July 7, 2013


All figments of imagination rollick through the world,
When thinking of reality, the borderlines are swirled.

And crossing over from a land of fantasy delight,
We have our two sweet heroes in absurdity excite.

One tromping, silver apparition furrowing through trees.
His small behorned compatriot at times producing cheese.

Through mountainsides and jungles these two masquerade aplomb,
While proving to the masses that they have little to none.

Our lumbering celebratory, with trunk to shatter glass,
Will kindly say excuse me when he calmly passes gas.

Then little hooved luminary buts his head in scorn,
But accidentally somersaults into a rose's thorn.

Their wily antics roam the world in laughter-making glee,
These darling doted eidolons all followers agree.

If only happy tales result then all is not for naught,
The comic misadventures of dear Éléphant and Gwot.

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