Thursday, July 18, 2013


When jittery anxiety possesses like disease,
It's hard to feel the freedom of the now.
Locked inside uncertainty of nervousness and doubt,
Your thoughts are trapped behind a furrowed brow.

Like pins and needles, heebie-jeebies, goose bumps running wild,
The restlessness propels a state of fits.
The fidgeting disquietude of tormenting loose ends,
Will make you want to think of calling quits.

Imagine creepy crawlies threatening to overtake,
Wriggling and squirming within range,
A pitch black night of blinding panic caving in your sight,
No matter where you look there is no change.

But happily the light within can focus any dream,
A calming and harmonious resolve.
To choose desire worthy of defeating any dread,
Will sooner let uncertainly absolve.

To what we stress in apprehension's better centered on,
The rainbows we take action to pursue.
Instead of being crippled by the things we can't control,
We're better off conquering what we do.

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