Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The days of hair monotony have long since laid to rest,
A person has the choice to look their worst or look their best.

Some choose short and spiky do's while others hanker long,
A blondie or a ginger to minorities belong.

Accessories are decorations adding bits of flare,
Extensions, wigs, and hair pieces will cover what's not there.

The best of all are weapons, tackling the bad hair foes.
The gels, the sprays, the straighteners, the dryers that will blow.

In my opinion, curling irons reign above supreme!
They charm your hair in ringlets catching radiant sun beams.

Like wizards with a wand, they sprinkle magic on your locks.
Transforming even vagabonds to superstars who rock.

All hail to this spiral sprite who flourishes in love,
Celestial twirls transcending tresses glimmering above.

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