Thursday, July 25, 2013


Success is often marred with expectations never found,
A landmine peppered kindly with regret.
To relish in the moment of achievement triumphant,
Is difficult to do sans endless fret.

When gushes of relief allow a calm to overflow,
Felicity replaces what was fear.
A very brief euphoria gives introspection to,
The things you have attained and now hold dear.

Observing all the victories accumulating high,
Like presents underneath a Christmas tree,
Exquisite in appearance, offering a childish thrill,
Then overwhelming to the nth degree.

Take stock of all the beauty, an astounding thing to do,
When charmed with such abundances of wealth.
Relax into a shower of the pleasantries you've earned,
Try not to let objection win my stealth.

If life and luck and working hard present you with some thanks,
Stand tall and dance in starlight through the scene.
Be confident and regal, owning all that you have won,
Accepting joy befitting that of Queen.

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