Friday, July 12, 2013


In basic life philosophy it seems to be the case,
That health would be a top priority.
We put aside the petty and vindictive daily tasks,
And fighting for survival is the key.

But in a land where life support is difficult to earn,
Though freedom is the mantra to believe.
You'd think it would be easier to find an antidote,
For freedom cannot well-being achieve.

A company that makes its money sacrificing aid,
For benefits that sadly assist few,
Should question their agenda when depriving fellow man,
Of basic human rights that they eschew.

Unfortunately for the masses not just business fails,
When choosing fundamentals that betray.
A large conglomerate of ignorance sustains the cause,
By selfishly defying in dismay.

My hope is that in lieu of universal negligence,
Or battling for trifling concerns,
We realize we cannot be so shallow when we've lost,
Ability to think or breathe or spurn.

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