Saturday, July 27, 2013


A long time ago in a faraway land,
There lived a young maiden benign.
She tousled and turned in a fit of distaste,
While trying so hard not to whine.

Her sense of adventure was recklessly trite,
For never did exploits she see.
When faced with a challenge it often took years,
For dreams to reality be.

Upon one bright morning illusion did strike,
Ethereal song filled the room.
A cosmic celestial mythology thought,
To broaden horizons and bloom.

Twas time for a journey to stunning unfold,
And madcap amazingment dawn.
No longer would stages of melancholy
Be interrupted by a yawn.

To twilight she wandered and mystical gleams
Of perilous nighttime lay forth.
Though images tormented, poppies to sniff,
And stars signifying the North.

Abandoned by sunset a shadow crept in,
And layers of mountainous view.
Amidst all nuances of battle fraught scene,
The wind chimes of history blew.

Then turning up flowers that wreaked of the past,
There came a magnificent force.
A whisper of secretive cadence proclaimed,
You've unearthed "The Cranny of Orsss".

(To Be Continued...)

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