Friday, July 19, 2013


A lifetime filled with living is a paradise indeed,
Accosting every moment with a choice.
To exercise epiphany in simple little things,
Magnanimously stating with your voice.

A metabolic masterpiece of blithe undying love,
Predicts from ancient silhouettes a dream,
Of patient limber energy usurping strong fatigue,
Allowing a revival of the scene.

Imagine every decade in a century of change,
Parading new magnificence to see.
From telegraphs to bomb attacks, typewriters to iPads,
The costumes a patchwork chronology.

Experiencing all events that life will offer up,
An education triumphing all odds.
From mathematics, military, library, travel,
A catalogue of merit to applaud.

An epoch of accomplishment to look back and bemuse,
The legacy of one who is worthwhile.
Though sadness enters moments of of a farewell never sought,
We'll think of you with fondness and a smile.

(In loving memory- Anne Bihlmeyer)

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