Monday, June 24, 2013


From days of youth and recklessness the stories often told,
will rival what the Bible oft defies.
Though age will add perspective and experiences grow,
It does not positively make us wise.

A bit of wine in moderation even helps the heart,
But bottles of elixir will destroy,
A happy tipsy buzz providing laughter laced with stars,
Will end hysterically over a boy.

Procrastination brings our purpose to a grinding halt,
And once the pressure bursts you vow once more,
To never wait until the last of minutes passes by,
If only good intentions weren't ignored.

A penny for a rainy day is quite a brilliant thought,
Who doesn't love a windfall biding time.
But living in the moment means expenses yet unplanned,
Some opportunities are quite sublime.

A carpe diem aphorism has its pros and cons,
We look back with regret if we repine.
So learn from life experience while knowing in your heart,
That any knowledge grasped will make you shine.

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