Thursday, June 13, 2013


A restaurant provides a scope for microscopic life,
A brief repose from stress, monotony, sadness, or strife.

To those who are in residence, you're treated like a queen.
A sycophantic crowd to do your bidding sets the scene.

Just like a regal court each servant has their role to play,
A vassal to bring bread, a serf to ease your weary day.

But caution to the dictators who take this role to heart,
For most of your attendants are pursuing others arts.

Enlightened with a cleverness that challenges your pride,
Beware to those wallow in ascendancy or tried.

Indulging in resplendence is a time-honored routine,
But egocentric mastery is not what people mean.

Forgetting common courtesy will not add up the math,
The servant will defy the master's desultory wrath.

The artisans preoccupied with minion-esque affairs,
Will soon create a masterpiece of metaphor to share.

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