Wednesday, June 26, 2013


A unicorn that flies through sparkle rainbows and beyond,
May lose its head if crashing into walls.
So sad for other beasties who will weep in sharp despair,
When robot limbs from skylight slowly falls.

Unfortunately there's a beast who'll glory and rejoice,
For nothing but the death of Unicorns,
Their lion body, human head, and tail of chilling fright,
Devourer of Men, the Manticore.

But in the nearby fields and adjoining emerald pools,
A riot of rebellion will break out.
The woodland creatures rally and the cretins run in shame,
For magic vengeance soon will knock you out.

Of course there are those villains who support the Manticore,
The Drakons from the ancient denizen.
The Axolotl or the common land bound Walking Fish,
Will casually strike fear through heart's of men.

But finally the Mermaids with their Merbabies in tow,
Accompanied by sea horses en masse.
Will power forward with their rage all mystical and pure,
For no one makes a Unicorn an ass.

While Neptune soon presides over this circus battle ring,
The secret yet unknown will come to light.
A Unicorn may crash and burn, its head may catch on fire,
But like a Phoenix, none will end or blight.

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