Saturday, June 15, 2013


The turning of a wheel creates a soft hypnotic beat,
Bewitching those who take this lofty flight.
A journey to the heart of what leaves shackles in the dust,
First down to shadows then back up to light.

To follow such a pattern brings imagination forth,
An animated mastery of fun.
The quirky personalities of fiction running wild,
Absurdity will blitheley overrun.

You cycle swiftly past a troupe of monkeys running free,
A feline on your arm to navigate.
Some juggling amidst the rain of marbles hailing down,
If only Dr. Seuss could delegate.

The wind that passes has intoxication in its grasp,
Imbibing spirits like a strong perfume.
Parading over gravel, soaring over fields of grass,
En route to mad euphoria you zoom.

Then finally the journey comes abruptly to a close,
Perhaps a pace to match a centipede.
Enjoying final moments of the scenery around,
The odyssey of great velocipede.

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