Friday, June 28, 2013


If super hero powers were the walk of daily life,
I ponder what the world would bring to pass.
Effusions of the soul would be a tangible event,
A cosmic web of weaving skill and sass.

Empathy would be a Girl whose spirit would emote,
All sentiment and thought that she consumed.
Absorbing all the feelings from the people passing by,
Emotions causing energy to bloom.

The Willpower of some would be a tidal wave of strength,
A bulldozer of unexpected force.
Beware the calm determination waiting to explode,
No common shield will alter this Man's course.

Perhaps the rain will amplify from tear ducts weeping love,
The sun will shine from eyes that sparkle bright.
All plants will thrive in congruence with babies growing up,
An earthquake caused by small domestic fight.

How glorious and free to have a spirit so unleashed,
Though consequences may be dubious.
We need a bit of enigmatic fantasy in life,
to have imagination copious.

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