Tuesday, June 25, 2013


A palace of serenity is often what we crave,
When times of greatest hardship let us down.
Perhaps it's hard to take the leap into a tranquil space,
We need a spark to reconstruct our frown.

Imagine pools of quietude, alive with splashing mirth,
A raft discovering a leafy den.
The phosphorescent gems encrusted on the distant sky,
All glimpsing through the bubbled lair of zen.

For some it might be moonlight under canopies of frost,
The brilliance of a silent, glacial night.
Envisioning the pristine glow of starlit crystal breath,
Enwrapped in warmth of someone holding tight.

And those who wish to frolic in the revelry of love,
Enchanted meadows billowing in flowers,
Kaleidoscopes of technicolor dancing round in song,
A magic world that rains in cosmic showers.

To take a moment for your soul is not any easy task,
The diligence of daily life may reign.
But focus on recuperation time when vigor lacks,
A bit of rapture always keeps you sane.

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