Tuesday, June 18, 2013


When driving up to Utica, a mystery appears,
Amidst the mountain perils weaving through.
A legend of protection, turning fantasy to fact,
The floral fairies whisper what is true.

A denizen of pheasants reigning haughtily supreme,
Defending what creation left their prize.
A pallet of those cuddled, no not coddled, golden eggs,
To covet shamelessly is to be wise.

The fairy network those tune in for news and idleness,
Have infomercials heralding this loot,
Please dare to conquer Utica and take your pheasant eggs,
with "glomsoftfairyhands" you will uproot.

Beware the cunning creatures bent on leading you astray,
The fairies' propaganda will divert.
Deception and conspiracy will overwhelm the odds,
With cruel tantalization you will flirt.

There is no guarantee this quest will end in fruitfulness,
The danger of the pheasant is quite great,
But what to gain from eggs enchanted with the fairy brand,
Will harbor possibilities of fate.

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