Tuesday, August 20, 2013


French people are more comfortable with their bodies. Period. That is not to say that American people or other cultures can't be equally so but it is a rare thing to experience families in which nudity and physical comfort aren't questioned... People of all shapes and sizes, ages young and old, stroll around in bikinis and family members take no issue with lounging in your underwear all day. Yes, this is a vacation spot, so I don't assume this is commonplace all day, all throughout the year, but it's still an interesting observation... I was not brought up in a prudish household, and frankly I think I merit a bit of an excuse after 3 major back surgeries and 9 years in a back brace. Being naked is near impossible when you have thick plastic around your middle whenever you are not sleeping. As far as I'm aware, those braces are still hanging in my mother's basement, like a creepy mausoleum displaying the exoskeletons of my youth, unceremoniously cast off in pursuit of new and greater things, and of course a world of physical confidence...

And speaking of skeletons, yesterday I tried sardines... Not for me... At first,  I think I had them confused with anchovies, expecting small little salty fish that decorate salads. However, when handed a small tin similar to the tuna cans of my youth, I quickly associated these strange little beasts with cartoon felines pillaging the suckers. Not only are they in tin cans, but they are flavored in different marinades/ sauces such as spicy or citrus, and there are apparently luxury shops that specialize in sardines sold in elegant packaging. The taste itself was actually surprisingly innocuous, but I really take issue with the skin, what appeared to be fin-like appendages, and most importantly, the tiny little back bones that I forked out of their middle. I have tried snails and the like so I do not object to eating weird little creatures whole, but when so visually stimulated by the inner workings of their anatomy, I admit I decided to put my fork down.

And to segue from sea creatures to the sea, here are some pictures of a neighboring town, Saint Maxime, to feast your eyes upon...

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