Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Of Superheroes and the Cosmos

I have yet to truly figure out my phone data situation. After having thought I purchased an unlimited plan for one month, I found out that it only means unlimited text and calls, which meant that I used my data up in less than one day! Since I mainly correspond through email, whatsapp, etc... This was a profound disappointment, and as there is no English website or call center for Orange mobile service, I shall have to venture back to the Orange store and plead for some sort of solution. In the meantime, I think I am being forced into learning a lesson from the cosmos. In general, I like to believe that while we have free will, there is also wisdom to be sifted from the universe... For example, if you can't get your phone working properly, maybe you just need a break from technology. Though a very independent person, I rely on communication and interaction on a daily basis, or let's face, I tend to explode. Too many emotions rolling around in my crazy little heart that, without a chance to vent them properly, I act stupid and irrational. I love violently, I hate viciously, but I also forgive just as quickly and intensely. Every emotion fleeting like the wind while somehow still burned into my skin for all eternity. Some may call this diagnosable, others would simply call me an artist. And in tune with my many fanciful notions about the world, I have always thought that if I was to ever become a Super Hero, I would have to be “Empathy Girl” because I tend to take on the emotions and feelings of those around me. In combat, I suppose this could be incredibly useful, as it would give me the ability to manipulate how someone else felt, spoke, or even behaved. Like Aphrodite's charmspeak, I could influence the heart. But it also means that I can be crippled by the feelings of others. Every hero has his or hers Achilles Heal...

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