Monday, August 26, 2013

Rohan, It's A Small World After All

I am well aware that I currently live in France, not Middle Earth (or even New Zealand for that matter) but I am constantly introduced to scenery that just seems to reek of LOTR. Yesterday I was brought to the small town of Gourdan, which is carved into the mountains of France. Filled with small tourist shops, many perfumes and soaps manufactured by the locals scenting the cool, crisp air. As I looked around the stone cottages and stores, I felt like I was romping around the rocky levels of Rohan. This was also a notable trip because it was adults only (if I can be called such a word after rambling about fantasy lands). Though I adore the kids I have been teaching and love the French language to the point of spending the next year studying it, I must say that bickering teenagers can make ANY language sound grating and/or annoying sometimes ; )

The second city we visited is called Vence, and is equally charming if not so medieval. I feel very privileged to be shown these villages that I honestly had not heard of before, while I have yet to actually step foot in some of the more notable cities of the South. While touring through the streets, we happened upon a small church that drew the eye due to the large golden religious statue looming in front. It's interior was what I would expect from a Catholic lair, stained glass and carved depictions on the walls, old wooden pews, and organ pipes. Not a large place, I was drawn to a television screen in the back that was flashing images of various artwork I assume was hanging in the church. However, I happened upon the screen when images of Christ and the Crucifixion were digitally displayed. I'm sorry, but computer generated Christ to me seems like an oxymoron, just as I have always said about seeing a priest carry a cell phone. In my brain, it's as ludicrously bizarre as seeing a dinosaur using an iPod. Which brings me to the weirdest part of my day. Upstairs there was a display of carved wooden pieces that I was told were displaying the Passion of Christ... Ok... But to me, walking around these strange figures brought to mind only one image... Disney's It's A Small World on religious crack. Add some animatronics and frankly call me horrified. I really am sorry to desecrate these works of art in any way, but I was creeped out, and if there is some heavenly universal force up there, I hope he forgives me, as I think he would also agree its just strange...


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