Monday, August 19, 2013

Dehydration and Kinder Joy

I currently feel as though I am on a cruise, which my siblings will attest, is not always the best thing for our neurotic minds... Yes, I spend three hours a day teaching English but the rest of the time is devoted to reading, writing, lounging, sun, eating, and most importantly drinking... A paradise for some but after too many days the cabin fever sets in...  More importantly, however, for those who have known me for any substantial period of time, you are well aware of my ongoing battle with dehydration. A chronic condition thus far undiagnosed, it takes an obscene amount of water to content my physical being. As I rebelliously fight its lasting effects with daily morning coffee, frequent alcoholic beverages, and jobs that rarely allow me to imbibe any substantial amount of liquids, the task is quite a challenge. In addition, the consequences affect my mood, energy level, and spirit nearly as much. I am just not as happy and vivacious when too dehydrated, and it takes me an exponential amount to satiate. Fully hydrated, I enjoy the life of a "fantastical super hero goddess wizard hobbit fairy lady" ...Why am I sharing this with you all? Basically, I'm wonder how I continue to stand on my two little size six feet under the present circumstances... I'm telling you, French people have magical powers which, in my sub-bar physical state, are seriously hoodwinking. I am a big girl, I was taught to "just say no" with everyone else, but I am either too polite to negate their offer (which I doubt) or trying to compete with a culture generations older and with DNA that is clearly superior to my own in the art of Dionysian splendor... I shall continue to keep you informed of the state of this constant battle...

Meanwhile, I have discovered something of such ethereal brilliance that I must share with world... "Kinder Joy" (picture below)... NOT the regular "Kinder Surprise"! NAY!!! This is something far more decadent and sublime... Half of the egg provides a home for your newly anticipated toy, the other half is a gooey haven of white chocolate in which two hazelnut balls are imbedded... I believe I reached nirvana upon discovery... For those of you unfamiliar with the Kinder collection of candy, please educate yourselves at once. There are few things in life that I believe have the potential to bring about world peace. One be "dancing with props", the other Kinder Surprise because, let's be honest, anyone capable of enjoying egg-shaped chocolate housing a miniature toy just can't be that angry.

And now as promised, pictures from my current abode...


  1. as i go back to look at your pictures in more detail, i have questions:
    so is that a little spoon I see that you eat the kinder with? the white chocolate is soft?

    also, what are those balls people are in at the pool? how does one get in it? wouldn't one suffocate?

    also, your living space is adorable and i am jealous.


    1. Tis a spoon indeed! To delicately capture the yummy gooey white chocolate ; )

      I haven't seen the mysterious plastic balls since that one day... They remain a myth in infamy!!!

      And je ne sais pas, ma soeury-sooooooooo!!!!!