Friday, August 23, 2013


Ladies and gentleman, I finally experienced what it's like to be a hobbit. Yesterday, I visited a stunning lake approximately two hours from where I currently reside, called Lac de Sainte-Croix. Though the view was initially breathtaking, I had my reservations because the surrounding area is all forestry and camp-like. I generally do not support the institution of camping in the traditional sense. For one thing, I have never been a huge fan of the rocky, pine needle, dirt slash droning insects aesthetic. Throw in a mossy noel, babbling brook, woodland nymphs, and call me Captain Enchanted Forest. But for the most part, I require a shower and shampoo on a daily basis. That being said, I did not know that one paddle boat away was a secret layer of cascading decadence. All of a sudden, we paddled under a bridge and I felt like I was heading down the River Anduin after the Fellowship leaves Lothlorien. I already have the pointy ears, all I need next time is the leaf-shaped clip on my cape and some hair to grow on my feet. Done and done. After the deluge of aquatic opulence, we ventured to a neighboring town called Aiguines, to look about and take pictures of the MAGNIFICENT view! I was in the company of three French-speaking families all day, which can be a frustrating experience when not part of the inner circle. I didn't want to intrude on family dynamics or vacation time, nor did I understand 95% of what was spoken all day. Since it's my job to teach children English this month, I really didn't feel it appropriate to ask for translations every five seconds. Instead, I followed the herd and did the best I could. Despite all, the day was pretty close to spectacular and has inspired a poem along with the pictures...

Paddling to a waterfall makes melancholy swoon. 
A paradise of cliffs adorn harmonious lagoon.

In whistles from the raindrops taking journeys through the cracks,
A song of sweet Elysium accompanies your tracks.

Adventures of a story from a land that once was sought,
Remind us in the moment of when fantasy is caught.

Of small, courageous hobbitses who fight through all terrain,
Then rode upon epiphany as victory would reign.

The river of a dreamland brings ambition to us all,
As inspiration paddles us to fancy's waterfall.


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