Monday, August 5, 2013

Communication Juxtaposition

Being without a phone for a few days can be liberating as well as supremely frustrating. Not that I haven't had occasional email and gchat or whatever else, but I have felt intensely the addiction I have to communicating... And often... A self-proclaimed narcissist in many ways, I gave up facebook well over a year ago for a variety of reasons, not least of which being that I couldn't stand refreshing the same damn web page every 5 seconds when bored to tears at an evil job. I don't look down on facebook and I often ponder a revival, but it also brought to very sharp relief who in my life was willing to contact me privately and personally rather than only publicly and without purpose. I have a knack for rhetoric and heralding Bohemian ideals to the masses but I also love connecting with the people I adore. When I want YOUR opinion I ask YOU. when I miss YOU I tell YOU. And while there are times that my heart's desire seems too passionate and dear to speak hastily, I try the best I can to make it clear where I love. I believe both types of communication have their place and when used appropriately amount to a wealth of experience. I love people and I love words. What an obvious conclusion that a happy marriage between the two would result in beautiful communication via the sometimes desecrated modern technology...

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