Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Golden Metz and Being Blonde

FINALLY I arrived in Metz... And no, I was never able to make it there via the great beast of a vehicle that I attempted to conquer. I feel that driving a Land Rover is a lesson in confidence and trust... And driving one in France even more so... You do not question your actions, your worth, or your power. Instead, you sally forth with your ambition and you let it ride. While I never defeated the challenge of parking this monster, I do feel that I learned a very real lesson in accomplishment. Still, figuring out public transportation in a French suburb amounts to its own sort of challenge, one that I happily fought and won... Metz is a beautiful city, filled with golden architecture, glowing like the sun. Amongst my many adventures that day, I engaged in my first solo French afternoon meal, pictures below. It was delicious, indulgent, and I conducted the entire exchange in French, something I am, yes, very proud of. However, just as one moment brought to light the education of this fair-headed maiden, another moment caused me to live up to the astounding stereotype of a clueless blonde... I consider myself a pretty intelligent person, but my blonde moments sometimes astound even myself... For example, my siblings in particular love this story... Just a few weeks ago it finally dawned on me why a slotted spoon is in fact called a slotted spoon. For years I would hear the name, particularly evoking thoughts of the musical “Into The Woods”, and I took it for granted that a slotted spoon meant that it was broken, old, antiquated... Definitely not because it has slots... A slotted spoon is called so because it has slots... Duh... But while lounging in the late afternoon sun of Metz, I tried to put my new phone case on my new mobile phone, and after 10 minutes of frustration and thinking I would have to go back to the store, I realized that you have to take the original case OFF before putting the new case ON... I repeat... DUH... I leave you with pictures of this quaint little metropolis...

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