Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bonjour, Seurat!

Living in Chatel-St-Germain for a week has been a bit of a surreal experience. Finally taking full advantage of my surroundings the other day, I embarked on a long walk around my neighborhood and realized once again how lucky I have been to experience a real French neighborhood for a while, however affluent the circumstances. For most of my sojourn, I felt a bit in awe, as it really was like wandering around an enchanted dreamland of pointillism. Peering into houses and gardens, I was struck with passages I've read from “The Secret Garden”, “Anne of Green Gables”, and at other moments (particularly mentioned for my New England friends) flashbacks to ye Ole Sturbridge Village field trips in Elementary school. In addition, I have seen glimpses of French cliché coming to life quite as real as the architecture around me... Of note so far: French people really do in fact eat cheese after every meal, and have a baguette on hand at all times. I was actually apologized to once when only offered one type of cheese after an already substantial lunch. I made it clear that no apology was necessary, as I am not at all accustomed to a fromage digestif every day. Not to mention the fact that I have never had so much bread and wine in a week long period... ever... The picturesque comes to life...

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