Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jet Lag

The initial expectations of a new country are profoundly influenced by jet lag... Though I continue to feel absolutely certain of my choice to be here, voluminous amounts of exhaustion and dehydration tend to tamper with the merit of an exciting journey... My soul is so anxious to jump into the grandness of my surroundings while my eyes are perpetually drooping in fatigue. It is incredibly bizarre to feel like you are completely out of place and completely comfortable in a new environment all at the same time...My emotions, which have been tantalizingly close to the surface for some time now (Well, let's just face it, they always are, but in these circumstances even more to the extreme) keep galloping forward. Happily, I have already met some supremely generous, kind people and had my first in-home French meal, fully equipped with entree, baguette, mains, cheese, dessert, sparking water, tons of wine, coffee, and obscene amounts of French I mostly couldn't understand. And of course, the stunning scenery invades...

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