Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Unexpected Splendour

Wandering through the streets of any new city can be a panoramic adventure in and of itself. Though the New York City subway system provides a symphony of sound and artistry every day, I am always amazed when something can catch my attention enough to make me stop and stand for a moment. This time, it was a full orchestra playing Pachelbel's Canon. However overdone it may be, it is always impressive to hear a group of passionate musicians united amidst the backdrop of a city's central nervous system, aka the Paris Metro... A poetic contrast with little comparison.

A fantastic start to the weekend, I spent Saturday night in the Oberkampf area of Paris. Shabby chic some might say, full of youth, life, and trendy bobos (bourgeois bohemians). I suppose this is Paris's version of hipsterville. Though I may roll my eyes at certain stereotypes involved, especially having just vacated central Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Oberkampf holds some poignant memories for me. And on this occasion, I was catching up with an old friend from my teacher training days and meeting new friends who shared in my whiney, romantic notions about the trials of men internationally.

In terms of new discoveries, I had another beautiful run in Bois de Bologne, a parc near my new apartment and one which I have never explored before. A pristine lake served as the hub of my galavanting, though I admit I was frequently stopping mid-stride to snap pics of this stunning scenery. I will have to say, however, that even this beautiful landscape did not compare to today's revelation:  Parc de la Villette and its surrounding wealth of spectacle. I wasn't able to experience the full range of what this area has to offer, as the weather and time of year caused many things to be closed. But I fully intend to return during warmer days and seek out the things I missed. Still, I managed to see all of the exhibits at the Cité des sciences and go to the Planetarium. Next time, I must needs see the Cité de la musique, Le théâtre Paris-Villette, and the many gardens ranging from mirrors to shadows to childhood fears to dragons...

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