Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Parisian Retro Motor Barbie

Last night I engaged in a delectable meal at a Moroccan restaurant not far from Republique, bordering the Marais. Vast amounts of food were delivered to our table, including a heaping plate of fluffy wheat-based carbs, a bowl overflowing with vegetables and juices, a side of chili paste to be added as we like, and whatever meat we chose. Continuing with my adventures in food-tasting, I was encouraged to order the braised veal (called "mechoui") as my protein selection, which I decided to do. All in all, the food was savory, filling, and actually way too much food for any normal human to eat on their own. My recent attempts to cut back on obscene amounts of food were completely scoffed at. Not to mention that for dessert, the servers bring over a humassive tray of delectable sugary treats from which you choose as few or as many as you like and are charged accordingly. My only request during the selection process was that one of the sweets be pink. 

But the main attraction of the evening was the fact that for the SECOND TIME, I rode on the back of a motorscooter. Though when I was first asked to ride on a scooter my mind immediately envisaged the childish foot-pushing scooters that are so popular these days, this is much more like a vespa, though admittedly not as retro chic. One of my biggest dreams before arriving in Paris was to zoom around this metropolis on a pink vespa with a silver lightning bolt down the side, or vice versa. Obviously, I would also be costumed in a pink and white leather motor suit and accompanying helmet. My name far and wide would henceforth be Parisian Retro Motor Barbie. And yes, I have already written a poem about it. Sadly, I feel fairly certain that I will mainly die if I attempt to cycle or roadster around the streets of Paris too often, but as my new friend (who shall be called "the Giant" in all future references because he is approximately 6 foot 5) insisted I would be safe under his protection, I promptly acquiesced... Lesson learned? Motorbiking of any sort is sort of freaking awesome and a total thrill! The only thing slightly more ludicrous and therefore even more amazing, would be bopping about in a sidecar instead...


  1. You look gorgeous, Angela!! xoxo

  2. For a second, I thought "humassive" was going to be a massive amount of hummus. Mmmm.

    Oh, and are you calling my chosen method of transportation down the halls of my workplace childish? 'Cause you'd be right. ;-)

    1. A massage amount of hummus would be good too! And hey, I admire ANYONE who gets to ride ANY kind of scooter around work ; )