Wednesday, September 11, 2013

La Tour d'Inspiration

I am not a runner... yet... But I must do something to combat the continual consumption of wine and croissant. Without the funds to afford a gym at the moment, and looking for any excuse to discover more of this new city, I turn to running with the hope of not falling on the floor in absence of oxygen. Though a bit cliche, I decided that the best place to begin this new venture would be the reigning emblem of Paris, so that I could look up and take heart from this grand talisman as I literally pounded the pavement within its monarchy... (I included a picture of my sneaker and earphone chord as proof that I did in fact go running...) No matter how stereotypical, I will always love this monument. Thus far, my two favorite memories surrounding it both occurred during my last sojourn. One was a birthday picnic for someone who ended up being a good friend. We congregated on a spectacularly beautiful autumn day, and true to character, the guest of honor was approximately three hours late. The second memory, heading over under the cover of night to assist a couple I became close friends with take picture of the guy jumping naked in front of the tower... Siiiiiiigh, the nostalgia...

For this particular trip, I decided to take the RER, which is the train, not the metro piece of Paris transit. The main reason I love these lines is because they frequently involve taking a double-decker train car. It allows wonderful views of Paris in certain spots, and when running appropriately, moves along at quite a decent pace. Of course, because I have what might possibly be THE worst sense of direction in the history of mankind, I took one line three different directions before finding the right way home.

My final comment on this refreshingly sporty day? I find it absolutely fascinating when men look at me while in my work-out clothes, having not showered or primped in any fashion, sans make-up and potentially sweaty. I know I generally radiate beauty inwardly as well as outwardly, but it is just not what I consider to be my most stellar palette ; )

And yes, that is bĂ©arnaise sauce being advertised for McDonald's...

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