Saturday, September 14, 2013

Happy Day Faraway

The only thing that really shoots me with a pang of longing to be home again is missing family and friends. On a day to day basis, this isn't something that affects me to the extreme because, even while working through this transitional phase, navigating around a relatively unknown city, and painting a new life landscape, I am thoroughly excited by the challenges and adventures. There are certainly moments of pensive loneliness when you realize that the comforting group of people who understand your essence aren't capable of meeting up whenever you'd like. At the age of 33, most of us have already experienced this challenge. We went off to college, studied abroad, moved to different states or countries. We met knew people that also changed location and via the age of technology we are supremely lucky to keep in touch through text, email, skype, whatsapp, gchat, facebook, blah blah blah blah blah... No matter how often I may get frustrated with the confusing grayness that technology has wrought, I will never hypocritically betray the advantages to communication it has also gifted us with. I wouldn't mind if they could hurry up already and patent the invention of apparation or teleportation, though... 

I may not have my old friends and family to hang out with every night, but I can contact them every day. I can know when a friend is working in Bangkok or having a Hen party in Australia. The contentment is mainly twinged when major life events must be missed. My cousin is getting married today in Virginia, and the rest of my family on that side of the tree will be there. I had originally intended to make it my mission to get there come what may. I wanted to celebrate this union of love, particularly because my aunt who passed away not long after I returned from Paris the last time, will not be there. Though timing, resources, and finances made it too difficult to be present, I also feel strongly that all hearts, no matter where they currently reside, will be present to celebrate this day... 

Last night, I had my sister read the following poem to my cousin the night before she wed...

A kind and younger cousin with a firey head of hair,
She's smart in ways that I don't always think are very fair.

So good with things like numbers while I frolic all absurd,
Through jealousy perhaps I would consider her a nerd ; )

But memories of youthful days with Grandma in the yard,
The Christmases so decadent, just like a greeting card.

And then there was kielbasa, sharing love beyond the rest,
A'culminating in what should be every year a fest.

Then one day came a fella, coupled with my younger cuz,
Attending fam'ly gath'rings, witnessing "Lewonczyk" buzz.

And not afraid of all ridiculousness was prepared,
To join in the shenanigans, for blatantly he cared.

Though sadly I am wandering around the world too far,
To witness all the happiness that rains from every star.

Tomorrow when you wed know that with every sweet hors d'oeuvre,
My heart is overflowing with the bliss that you deserve.

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