Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A September Summary

For many of us around the globe, September signifies a time of change and renewal. While spring embraces the natural dominance in that arena, it is autumn that we are brought up to expect the beginning of a new year... or a new school year at least. Even now, at the age of 35, I anticipate the fall and all of the new adventures I will be embarking on. Since I am still a student in some ways and a teacher in others, I am falling right back into the pattern that really never faltered post-diploma. It actually seems like a much better time of year to consider resolutions and plans, as opposed to New Year's Eve or day, when it is too cold or you are too hungover to consider anything other than warmth and water.

For me, this month has been a whirlwind of work work work and occasional whimsy... definitely a month of musing. My birthday is always the inaugural event of the season, leaving me in varying states of optimism, depending on the year. I would say that my 35th exceeded expectations, especially in light of having had the best Unicorn birthday cake in the history of the world ever. 

As is often the case, September becomes a month of frantic running around while you try to organize your schedule and grasp your new routine. I started french class again, which I make vague and inconsistent appearances at. I had a few male dalliances, frankly only adding to my general confusion and absolutely igniting that frisky fever I tend to develop as the leaves begin to kaleidoscope the ground in layers of color (I mean seriously, what better backdrop for some naughty nestling?). My job has been great, full of promising students, opportunities, and a lot of work (despite wanting to throw things at my boss's head on occasion). The one thing that has stood out is a sad lack of time for social engagements, but even more importantly, that growing spark of inspiration that only seems to shimmer and glimmer when I have approximately zero time to cultivate it.

The creative juices have been flowing, in addition to the oh so hot and sexy allergy toxins that invade my body every autumn (or every season change... or weather change... or frankly, day...). The combination is certainly less than helpful when attempting to utilize my precious free time in any sort of productive manner. But the good news is that I have some ideas and even a bit of will power to accomplish some goals (I bought yet another musical keyboard online the other day in the hopes it will shame me to do some work since my apartment won't allow for throwing things under the bed.) With any luck, October will bring a bit of balance to the universe and some new energy for this wandering soul-rambler... Since the word chanteuse means singer in french, it may be just about time to live up to my name.

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