Monday, September 7, 2015

Angela Is A Unicorn Birthday

Birthdays are often strange things to coordinate. I have had many good birthday over the years, and several lackluster affairs. I have had large parties of 50 or more and intimate dinners of less than 10. I have spent a couple of birthdays in different cities or countries, going to Los Angeles or last year in Prague. I admit that I like the idea of traveling on my birthday. Seeing foreign lands and reveling in how special and lucky I am to see so much of the world. This year, it turned out however, timing and scheduling would not allow for such adventures. Instead, I would have my first real Parisian birthday since making this city my home. I had actually arrived in Paris on my birthday two years ago and a good friend of mine was able to take me for dinner and drinks, though of course this year my network has grown. But in recent weeks, I became nervous that most of my friends abroad would not be available, I was missing my friends and family from home, and a stupid boy managed to make me feel less than important for a hot 5 seconds, so the stars just did not seem to be aligning. Despite all, though, I decided that I was going to have a party, it was going to involve Unicorns, and it was not going to be subtle on any level. The time for 35 had arrived and I was going to act as young as possible.

Now, once I create a notion in my silly little head, there is very little that can stop me from getting what I want and going all out. I specifically do not do half-assed when it comes to fantasy and magic. I therefore created my "Angela is a Unicorn 35th Birthday" invitation and set the wheels in motion. I ordered Unicorn plates, napkins and cups, spent some time googling for custom cakes, and finally decided on the location. I chose the Frog and Princess Pub for obvious reasons pertaining to its name but also because it is located on Rue Princesse and offers BBQ as part of their american-themed menu. After several calls to make sure I could bring my own cake and that I didn't need a reservation for what I thought would be a small handful of attendees, the scene was set. Happily, one of my best french friends here in Paris was also able to switch her work shift and join me for the evening. She came over to my little apartment early to help me carry things to the bar and I was happily given my first birthday present of the day: a lovely bouquet of pink flowers, absolutely making me look like a bride en route to the alter. Since I have no vases at the moment, we stuck the flowers into a plastic pitcher and I stood them in my shower while we galavanted off to the pub.

In reality, the first present I had received that day was an amazing music video that one of my best college friends had put together, calling in the troupes to create a lip-syncing spectacular. I spent the morning breathing laughter through tears and knew that my day was likely to only go uphill from there. It therefore did not come as a huge shock when approximately 15 people ultimately ended up stopping by my soiree, showering me with friendship and love. In return, I created a party that only the girliest little 5 year old would probably ever really want. I printed out small pink Unicorns for all of my guests to wear as a talisman of good. I had Unicorn coloring pages and markers laid out on the tables, an activity that soon turned into an all out coloring contest. I even created a Unicorn quiz with accompanying prize. However, since the questions were hard and it came down to a 4-way tie that not evening a lightning round could crack, the Unicorn face mask I had ready for the winner ultimately went to the crowned champion of the coloring contest instead. And of course, the icing on the already immaculate festivities was in fact the birthday cake itself. Chocolate and raspberry creme layered and covered in pink frosting, the cake was a visual masterpiece with Unicorn mascot delicately painted atop. It was truly a spectacular 35th day of my ever-more lucky and amazing existence. I may have my ups and downs, be a bundle of emotion and ridiculousness, but I can't say I would have it any other way. And just to offer proof of how true that statement is, I give you "La Vie En Angela" to boot...

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