Saturday, September 19, 2015

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

When roaming through the godforsaken treasures of the sea,
Enchanted by the myths and legends, folklore running free,
'Tis never quite as easy marking friend from evil foe,
The treachery of pirate life prevents it being so.
The one exception being allied forces from beneath,
A colony aquatic breathing water through their teeth.
The fellowship between these legendary characters,
Has memories in magic far before the modern world.

While swashbuckling and drinking grog, a pirate oft awaits,
Assistance from below the deck, alliance he creates.
The merpeople from 'neath the sea come bursting through the waves,
Displaying feats of glory in the battle ridden haze.

Most people think of mermaids when they ponder creatures deep,
Though men exist of course they haven't quite the same mystique.
In general they do the bidding of the maidens-queen.
Protecting all the empire, using tridents, rarely seen.
The merbabies are trained in all the underwater arts,
Of swimming, swords, and sirening, bewitching foreign hearts.

Now back to magic mermaids who are pirates' special friends.
One doesn't have to guess to see how such a story ends.
The beauty of these trixy vixen ladies of the mer,
Defending and intoxicating pirates to ensnare.

The arrrs and swash swash buckles are no match for mermaid wiles,
A flip of sea-tinged hair and splash of tail make pirates rile.
Their seashell lingerie is decked in foamy glitter spray,
A casual acquaintance proves these aren't worn every day.
On rare occasions pirates have the luck to fall in love,
A mermaid condescending to the ruffians above.
But just be careful if their aye avast is not in line,
The princesses of ocean castles do not waste their time.
For walking planks is not only a pirate's great demand,
And once they've hit the sea the roaring waves will not withstand.
But in the meantime happily a pirate and a maid,
Enjoy the time together rolling round and getting laid.

Perhaps someday this magical entanglement will cease,
But for the moment pirates and their mermaids are at peace.
So think of daring duos, those who're different close amis,
And Have a Happy Pirate Day while dancing in the sea!

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