Friday, October 2, 2015

From End Unto End

I like to write poems about silly things,
But sometimes when tragedy strikes it begins,
A cavalcade full of thought and bits of rage,
When coming to terms with the plights of our age.

There can't be pretending that everyone's good,
I doubt there is even a could or a should.
For contrast of evil is what makes us fight,
for what stands up tall as angelic and right.

When people sit back and embrace the blasé,
Relating and hating to things they don't say,
It means there is something amiss in the world.
A pattern of mayhem has slowly unfurled.

I get it, ok, so the land of the free,
Is somewhere that everyone wishes to be,
Defend it with weapons, for hidden around,
Are terrorists plotting and hunting us down.

Don't think of the innocent folk spending time,
Improving and moving, just waiting to climb,
The ladder from misery to greatest heights,
The torment of dreaming and scheming for rights.

The right to express and the right to be free,
The right for that happiness won cross the sea.
The right to beliefs you may have from above,
The right and the sight to a life full of love.

So take out your gun and defend this great land.
Be super and hero and make a grand stand.
Or hideaway in secret bunkers to keep,
Your family and ego so safe in the deep.

For no other reasons exist to hold arms.
The options are killing and calling alarm.
So take a step back and consider the facts,
Of holding and hunting and similar acts.

When looking around at the neighbors and friends,
Uniting your country from end unto end,
Consider that maybe all pretense is true,
And living and loving is just what they do.

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