Sunday, October 25, 2015

DIY Toast and Tipsiness

The morning after our long day in Bath began slowly, as days often do when partying takes place. Cousin and I eventually pieced ourselves together in pursuit of nourishment in the neighborhood. We headed to a local eatery, very well-known for their brunch offerings, not least of which includes a do-it-yourself toast area. The establishment bakes its own bread and displays a mass variety of spreads such as butters, jams, and curds. I was particularly fond of a chocolate chip loaf topped with a cherry jam or a passion fruit curd. In addition, the main courses themselves are enormous, making it almost unnecessary to order one after the mounds of toast you can enjoy. My omelette was delicious but also bigger than my head. Needless to say, we left the restaurant more than satisfied and well-fed but not at all inappropriately prepared for an afternoon of beer drinking.

One of the main reasons I had decided to go to London for this particular weekend was an Oktoberfest party that my Cousin invited me to. The tickets were pricey but guaranteed us a table, unlimited drinks, and a traditional meal. All in our party were very excited, and I was happy to be pulling out my pirate slash medieval slash princess slash now dirndle costume out for the occasion. Sadly however, while I was en route to London, news spread that the entire event was canceled due to massive mismanagement and overwhelming crowds. But, since Cousins never say die, we found ourselves another London Oktoberfest party, dolled ourselves up in dirndle, and headed out about town.

Truth be told, this event was much less crowded, as sunday was the final day, so lacking the ideal festive atmosphere we were hoping for. But there were still large sterns of beer, ridiculous German music playing, and the entry was free so certainly nothing lost in the arrangement. We warmed up to the scene pretty slowly, finding a place to sit and sitting with our enormous libations. You can always count on me to turn on the socialite, though, and I was soon making contact with a neighboring gentleman, pulling him into our conversation at various points. He was a little bit odd but we ultimately got chatting with him and his compatriots, of course leading to standing on benches and bopping along with the tunes at multiple intervals. For someone who is notoriously terrible at finding a decent boyfriend, I am frankly rather magical when it comes to bewitching a boy for the evening, so I soon had a young fellow sufficiently entranced. He followed us around for the rest of the evening, when we became the starlets of a local bar in our traditional garb. Thank goodness Cousin is so accommodating when it comes to playing the adult while her OLDER cousin decides it is a good idea to makeout like a high school teenager hiding behind the bleachers... Or actually not hiding so much as being blatantly ridiculous in public. What can I say, I am an extrovert and I demand all those around me follow suit.

Despite our change of plans, we both had an excellent time in the end and I am inspired more than ever to attend the real Oktoberfest next year. In the meantime, Cousin and I will just have to settle for New Year's Eve in Berlin.

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