Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is for the lovers of the world for they can see,
That life without emotion will compel,
The negative incinerators, setting flame to joy,
And watching as we dance around in hell.

Quite some might say that chocolates or flowers don't portray
A real love so eloquent and true.
But just because the companies may skim a bit of wealth
Does not conclude that trinkets can't ensue.

Perhaps poetic rhyming or a simply strummed guitar
Will add a better soundtrack to the theme.
An orchestra of hearts and dandelions on parade,
Resulting in a cosmic light love-beam.

But every V-day comes with tales of heartbreak oh so sad,
The bitter sweetened memories of yore,
Be kind to those who reminiscence for love will oft replay,
Consider this the passing on of lore.

Though sometimes loving someone means saying farewell for now,
To see you when the past is left behind,
When lessons and experiences wield their ancient glow,
So great new love can find itself aligned.

The best news ever is despite the greatest fears of old,
You never have to stop loving at all.
With glitter-petals raining down and soul-dust in pursuit,
Please spend this day intending to enthrall.

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