Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dix Mille-Feuilles


To soul-lovers around the world, I thank you for your time.
For reading of my antics and supporting silly rhyme.

In times of epic travel one will often miss their friends, 
Though living in the moment leaves nostalgia till the end.

My thirst for love and travel will combine in art and song,
I hope my fellow creatures will not pause to come along.

Emotions and absurdity combine to form my best,
The roller coaster of enchanted brains create some zest.

From NYC to Paris, seeing London when I can,
the South of France provided so much more than just a tan.

And several times in Ireland, of magic, myth, and lore,
Oft kissed by prince and leprechauns, I hope there's always more!

And in the future craving a continued life of bliss,
I plan to stay abroad and see the world I shouldn't miss.

So thank you once again, I bid a fond merci à tous,
A perfect dix mille-feuilles requires ingredients like you. 

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