Friday, February 7, 2014

Dinosaurs Are People Too

Dinosaurs are people too, from great eons ago,
They feel with soft emotions and have smarts.
Though thought to be cold-blooded for a large amount of time,

The cold was in their veins and not their hearts.

Triassic and Jurassic, grand Pangaea their domain,
It seems they valued unity en masse.
Some carnivores or herbivores, some eating everything,
Their prejudice of Darwin not of class.

The smartest like the Troodon had great eyesight, running fast,
The stupid stegosaurus ate its greens,
Though not as obviously dinosauric as they look,
Today's birds still have dino in their genes.

What happened to the dinosaurs say some who do not know,
They think that maybe meteors hit Earth.
But maybe real truth lies in the evolution laws,
Combining things to culminate in mirth.

Today's need for reality will fog the things to see,
When something looks quite different from what's "right".
The mingling of dino and of man can only mean,
That dinosaurs exist when all is bright.

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