Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Irish Footnotes

In addition to castles, cycling, and general craziness, one funny little anecdote I didn't have a chance to mention in my last post involved "The Lady of the Dance" and I venturing to a cute restaurant for some late afternoon sustenance before we took our bikes back home through the pouring rain... I had a hankering for a cheeseburger (as I so often... perhaps way TOO often do...) However, once we got to ordering, the server informed us that since they were closing soon, burgers were no longer available... PAIN... However, we were both told to sample their "amazing chicken". Even after my dancing friend asked which salad was best, the server still pointed to the "amazing chicken"... Well, amazing it must be! "The Lady" then proceeded to ask if she could have hers extra spicy. The server seemed confused and said that she would try to figure something out, and after consulting with the chef they almost reluctantly offered us a side plate of chili peppers, with the repeated dire warning that they be eaten with extreme caution. Since the whole process was made into a much bigger ordeal than necessary, my friend decided she was basically required to try to the peppers, which she later felt became addicting in their heat. After eating an insect in the South of France, I now feel compelled to try most things, so I too indulged in this firey delicacy. The chef, who we originally considered rather surly and disgruntled, was so impressed with our daring that he sent out free desserts when we had finished our meal. And of course, the icing on the cake? My friend went to the bathroom after we ate, and I was standing near the chef and server for a few minutes. The chef turned to me and said "I think your friend may be locked in." to which I replied "well, I'm sure she has" with extreme calm. I assumed he was joking as if to say "hey, I think your friend got lost" since she was taking so long.  No, no... He went on to clarify that she was most likely literally locked in because it happens a lot so if I hear yelling I might want to check. I approached the door and heard a wiggling door knob before I asked, "are you locked in?" to which I received a laughter-filled affirmative reply. According to the chef, this mainly happens to Americans... Oh, how special we all are...

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